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In 2009 Us3 released the grittier more hip-hop influenced album "stop. think. run" featuring spoken word artist turned rapper Brook Yung and Sene. The live band performed 39 shows in 17 different countries. Influential US hip-hop website made "stop. think. run" the 7th best hip-hop album of 2009.

Come on and get down
Bounce to a piece that got the spot hoppin'
Bottom to top, top to bottom
Form, a bit of a break from the norm
Converge with a melodic surge and get ya groove on
Amplify the vibe supplied on your hi-fi
Level the bass to coincide with the highs then rise
Partake in a rhythm created to elevate you to a point only we can take you
Notes arranged, grooves interchange
Engage with flav givin' ya what ya crave
Praise the MC that's lacin' ya party
Maintain, do ya dance and don't hurt nobody
As I see bodies bouncing constantly
Ears consume the bom diggy 'til ya city bound
Get in sync with the sound
Come on and get down
Get loose, feel the groove cruise, on a bassline ooze
Sweat drips as the hips of ladies gyrate and the fellas go crazy
What more could ya ask for in a joint that's packin' the floor
Plus a rapper type raw
Define the aspect of rhyme orated
Think how long ya waited to get blessed with innovative style
Providing your motivation
The duration of a jam that sounds so amazing
Cave in get in sync with the sound
Come on and get down

The instrumental for Yellowman's 1982 "Zungguzungguguzungguzeng", the "Diseases" riddim by "Junjo" Lawes, has been sampled and imitated repeatedly since its original release. The original version of this riddim was performed by Alton Ellis for a song called "Mad, Mad, Mad" produced by Coxsone Dodd in 1967. Coxsone Dodd had already released two dub cuts, "Talking Dub" and "Lusaka", plus a 1980 cut by Jennifer Lara , "Hurt So Good." This riddim came to be known as the 'diseases' riddim after Michigan and Smiley recorded their song diseases produced by Henry Junjo Lawes in 1981. The vocal melody of the song Zungguzungguguzungguzeng has also been sampled heavily in various reggae and hip hop songs.

Us3 - Come On Everybody (Get Down)Us3 - Come On Everybody (Get Down)Us3 - Come On Everybody (Get Down)Us3 - Come On Everybody (Get Down)